This picture is of Charles Logue. It was taken on opening day at Fenway Park, April 20, 1912. The contractor for Fenway Park was the Charles Logue Building Company which he founded in 1890.

Charles Logue was born in Derry Ireland in 1858 and came to this country in 1881. He was a carpenter by trade. He was the first president of the Charles Logue Building Company, 1890 to his death in 1919.

His son A. Emmet Logue, Sr., ran the company from 1919 until 1949. A. Emmet Logue, Jr., was the president until the company closed in 1972.

Jim Logue, great grandson of Charles Logue, started Logue Engineering three years later. In 2006, Kevin Logue joined the company making it five generations of Logue's in the construction/service industry in New England.